Juniper Ash Release Date

Juniper Ash, the upcoming sci-fi novel by A. E. Oglesby, will be released and available for purchase on Monday, September 7. Stay tuned for more information or follow the social media links on the right for updates straight to you!

Unlimited Imagination in Science Fiction Novels

Imagination in Science Fiction Novels

Many stories have existed since the beginning of time. They teach through morals, excite the reader with controversial scenes, and expand the realms of our imagination. Science fiction is one genre that almost always showcases these themes. Some of the best sci-fi books often encompass apocalyptic times, parallel worlds, and a glimpse into the possible future. The adventures and machines found in Jules Verne’s novels predicted modern technology more than a century before they were invented.

science fiction novels-2Science fiction and fantasy are two closely related genres. The Minotaur of the past is the genetically modified human-animal of today. The fun and excitement of these stories comes from the common question: What if? This question is in the heart of so many science fiction novels. Many authors research a subject for years, eventually enabling their imaginations to take a type of technology and imagine where it could go without spending time in a laboratory.

The images and products found in the science fiction novels can be especially inspiring. Young minds who love tales of alien worlds and space travel may grow up to be one of the greatest minds in astronomy. Often times, creative minds can take page from a book and turn it into reality. Science fiction novels can be powerfully predictive. There are numerous authors that have predicted technology of the future through their novels.

If you do not know where to begin in terms of looking for the right book to read, it may be best to begin with the top tier of science fiction. Recommendations can be found easily through online forums or looking at a list of the best writers of science fiction. It is also important to know what you are interested in. Do you like exploring a world that is different from our own? Do you want to live in an apocalyptic world where survival is an everyday lesson? Let your imagination be your guide. There is no limit to what you can imagine, so do not limit yourself from exploring.

The Power of Science Fiction Novels

Power of Science Fiction Novels

Sci-fi was made famous by authors like Philip Dick, Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov, who transformed the genre into something remarkable and exciting. A proper science fiction novel is where fantasy and reality met. It twists our mind and awakens our curiosity to discover more about the world and what lies behind it. Science fiction novels are based on reality, they question the truth, and contemplate different realms of our universe. The purpose is to go beyond the deepest abyss of our imagination and chase mysteries that are possible to solve. Sci-fi goes where other fiction cannot. Unlike horror, romance and other genres, it tells a story that is far more daring and dangerous because it portrays unimaginable occurrences that could happen in real life.

sci fi book-novelsUnlike mystery, there isn’t always someone who’s at the other end of the gun, but perhaps ‘something’ instead. Sci-fi novels propose fascinating philosophies about humankind in the present, past and future. Writers have often created devices in their novels only to have them actually invented years later. Some examples include space stations of ‘Star Trek’ characters using small hand-help phones to communicate. Now, we have cellphones, gadgets and computers that make it possible to read other people no matter the distance.

However, sci-fi novels have their own place outside the realm of ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Star Trek’. It has its own frontier—a place for ‘free thinking’ not often seen in film or TV. Science fiction novels engage a reader to think of the impossible as being possible. Long before, ‘Star Wars’ and ‘War of the Worlds’, people would look up to the sky and imagine all kinds of creations who could do things that humans could not. One of the main purposes of modern science fiction is explicating something that the human race can’t in the present. Often, science fiction novels make a significant mark on modern society by predicating what may happen in the future.